Frequently Asked Questions

How soon until my order ships?

Most orders leave our manufacturing facility 1-2 business days after you place your order. The time to arrive will depend on which shipping method you selected during checkout.

If for some reason there are any delays on shipping your order, we will contact you.

What’s the best way to care for and store my juices?

There are a few simple rules for caring for your e-juices. If you follow these your flavors and quality will last longer.

  1. Store in a cool, dark place like a drawer.
  2. Always keep the cap closed tightly when not in use. Flavor molecules can escape when the bottle is left open which can reduce the flavor.
  3. When storing, give the bottle a good shake from time to time. The ingredients can separate.
  4. Avoid direct light as much as possible. This can degrade the nicotine.

What is the VG-PG content of your blends?

We utilize a 60/40 VG-PG blend (except for a select few just just won’t work at that blend).

What is the difference in nicotine types?

You are now able to select which nicotine type you wish.

Option 1: No Nicotine. There will be 0 nicotine of any type.

Option 2: Standard Nicotine. This is the nicotine that most people are accustomed to. It creates that nicotine hit that you get. The higher the nicotine level, the harsher the hit.

Option 3: Nicotine Salts. Not actually salt like the name implies, but a specially formulated nicotine that gives you the nicotine level but with a greatly reduced throat hit. For those that order 3MG or 6MG, you won't notice much difference between regular nicotine and salt nicotine (it could make you think there is no nicotine because there will be virtually no hit at all). But if you have been ordering those lower levels simply because you dislike the hit and would like to increase your nicotine level, nicotine salts is the right choice.

What are Nicotine Salts?

They are not actual solid “salts” like table salt we use to add to foods. Rather a nicotine salt is a liquid compound that has been modified from its freebase form to its salt form, in this case, known as its acidic form. The purpose of the Nicotine Salt itself is to enhance your vaping experience by utilizing increased strengths of nicotine while having little to no harshness at all. All components in the formulation, with the exception of Nicotine, are FEMA/GRAS food grade. Nicotine is USP grade. Nicotine Salts can be used in the same manner as traditional nicotine solution, the difference lies in the capabilities of what the Salt can deliver. With the traditional nicotine blends, there are natural properties that a normal nicotine solution carries that does not permit the ability to vape at a higher nicotine strength. Normal nicotine solutions also may not deliver something as smooth as one may desire but what the salt does is that it takes those desired features and combines them into one. Nicotine salts permit the ability to vape at a much higher nicotine strength without the harshness or throat hit that would traditionally occur if using normal nicotine solution. For those who do not want to vape at a higher nicotine strength, what the Salt provides is the smoothest vaping experience. At low concentrations like 3 or 6, using Nicotine Salts could easily cause one to overlook the presence nicotine in their juice because of how smooth the experience is. “

Where are Flying Dragon Vapes e-juices made?

Our e-juices are manufactured in our facility in Hannibal, MO. All of our ingredients are made in America and are of the highest quality available.

Why do you use glass bottles and droppers? Wouldn’t plastic be cheaper?

Glass has 0 transfer of anything to the e-juice itself. A good example is if you buy 2 bottles of coke. One in a glass bottle and one in a plastic bottle. The same product is put in each bottle, yet the glass bottle tastes different and better. Plastics alter the taste of whatever is put in them. We want you to enjoy our flavors as we intended them to taste.We won’t sacrifice quality at any cost.

Light is an enemy of ejuice (especially nicotine). Too much exposure to light can degrade the quality which is why we use brown bottles and why we recommend storing your juices in a dark place. The brown bottles stop 70% of the light from coming through which greatly increases the life of your juice.

What’s the easy way to remove the plastic seal?

The seal won’t prevent you from opening the bottle. It’s there to show you that it hasn’t been tampered with before you receive it. Don’t fight it with your fingernail. Simply unscrew the cap with the seal intact, which will leave you plenty of plastic at the bottom to grab and tear it off. There is a perforation in the seal to aid in taking it off.