Nicotine Types

You now get to choose which type of nicotine you would like. (Please note that if you ordered 0MG nicotine in the drop down box that 0 Nicotine will be shipped no matter which option you choose)

Option 1: No Nicotine. There will be 0 nicotine of any type.

Option 2: Standard Nicotine. This is the nicotine that most people are accustomed to. It creates that nicotine hit that you get. The higher the nicotine level, the harsher the hit.

Option 3: Nicotine Salts. Not actually salt like the name implies, but a specially formulated nicotine that gives you the nicotine level but with a greatly reduced throat hit. For those that order 3MG or 6MG, you won't notice much difference between regular nicotine and salt nicotine (it could possibly make you think there is no nicotine because there will be virtually no hit at all). But if you have been ordering those lower levels simply because you dislike the hit and would like to increase your nicotine level, nicotine salts is the right choice.