Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Flying Dragon Vapes we only use the best ingredients to manufacture our e-juices. If they aren’t of the highest quality, you will not find the Flying Dragon name on it. We only manufacture premium e-juices.

We spend many hours and sometimes weeks developing unique flavors in order to find flavors worthy of carrying the Flying Dragon Vapes name. However we are also aware that people have different preferences and they may perceive the flavors differently. Each flavor is open to each persons interpretation.

We have discovered that there are one of 3 ways that the flavor you selected can be interpreted.
1) Love it. Goes on the list of favorites.
2) It’s OK. Just not a favorite.
3) It hits your taste buds wrong and you just can’t vape it. (not common but it does happen)

We don’t ever want you to be afraid to try different flavors. Most people will try different flavors and eventually end up with a list of favorites that they order again and again. We want you to develop your list without fear of getting something you cannot use. Because of this, we have created a generous satisfaction guarantee that you will not find from any other manufacturer.

If your flavor selected falls into category 3, select another flavor and then contact us and we will ship you that flavor as a replacement. *Restrictions apply.

*Limit 1 exchange per flavor. Exchanged flavor is final. Applies on to orders shipped to the US only. Does not apply to custom orders. Does not apply to sampler size (10ML) bottles. Does not apply to international orders. All custom orders and international orders are final. All sales are final on sampler size (10ML) bottles.

Updated 02/18/18. We reserve the right to update this policy without notice.